Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kolten Victor! 15

The Sly smile on the ever so quiet Kolten is really awesome! Today is his day. The first birthday he had 1 year (of course) was sooooo funny. He was not walking yet, but on his day he stood on the 6 foot table and walked all over it! Amazing us all, grandparents, mom's dad's, aunt's and was sooo funny! That's Kolten, "sneaky funny". Can I say any other word? Nope! He is such a crack up to watch. Gentle in spirit yet deep in heart. He is Kenny (his dad, and Jason our cousin) all wrapped up into a perfect package! 15 years old...WOW He is going to be an amazing arrow in the gates...God has an awesome plan for his life...I know it! Kolten needs to put his drawings on line for all to will blow you away. I had no iddea he could draw so well, he's so humble. But hey all, get after him and make him post some!! Oh and best of all he likes music!!! Oh yes! What a GREAT player he is! Hammered Dulcimer playing is fabulous! Though he made a CD....ummm I am yet still waiting for a copy but it was GREAT! OK I do love Kolten!

Happy Birthday Nephew! God bless you!! Keep your dulcimer sticks moving, your hunting arms aiming, your pencil creating and your love for God Almighty strong! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Little Grandma Memories!

Humming a tune no matter where we were.
Loving the flag. Waving to the flag whenever we passed one...cause it was waving to us!
Looking for her pocketbook.
Smell of chewing gum...was it Winterfresh or Doublement?
Looking in the mirror....her passenger visor.
Oh no in trouble...."go sit on the davenport"!
Happy to taste 'Snapple' for the first time.
Wonderful talk talk....always something amazing to hear her say.
Her kids and grandkids were the best! No doubt!
"Vic, I gotta go the bathroom"....a common phrase on a trip to anyplace!
Landry that smelled so yummy....Snuggle....fresh and never wrinkled!
"Open the door" not close the bedroom door.
Let's go to Bitsy Mama's....or Smitty's!!!!! Wooohoooo
'Get my pocketbook'....a garage sale!
History, history history!
'Come here" I followed her to her bedroom and saw something little, but she always had a great long story behind whatever we were looking at!
Homemade applesauce! Chunky with lots of cinnamon.
Water....water....water.....she drank a gallon or two a day! :)
"VIC" :) loved that one!!!
SAS shoes! so cute!
Go Suns!!!
Rush Limbaugh.......front room radio on!
Give her a word and she could sing a song about it!

Happy Birthday...see you in the kingdom!

Anyone else have a memory or two? She was wonderful!!!!

Jodi Sue---Sister Sue - Birthday whoo hoo!!

Ahhhh Jodi my sister the birthday girl! Jodi loves to learn, teach, read, study, set goals, and is so very passionate about what she believes! I do look up to, admire and want to be like my big sister (who is not so "big" anymore after her huge weight loss...:) )
I can't believe God has given me such a perfect friend! Jodi is there for me at all times! We have such a great friendship, she is tough on me when I need it, and yet she is also there for me with a gentle ear when I need that as well. This past few months have been hard on her...with the passing of Christian but, NEVER, I mean never has her faith shaken. Jodi has in this difficult time clung to the cross, clung to Christ and has loved her Lord been an AMAZING example to me and so many others! As so many in the times of old she has left a legacy of faith and hope for future generations!
Well, its a blessing to have Jodi as my sister and my very best friend!

Happy birthday Jodi Sue! Call me and wake me if you get scared...anytime....promise!!!
(This was a statement we said to one another every night while growing up....I loved it!

Though Grandpa Taco is no longer with us on the earth to celebrate his joined birthday with Jodi....I want to honor him...and say to all I miss him on this day the 8th of March! HE was an amazing man, husband, father, friend and Grandfather! Love you and miss you Grandpa Great!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cassie Marie turned 11!

February 27th is a day to think of joy, laughter, emotions and sweetness! Ahhh, my Sweet Pea's birthday 'Cassie Marie Goldman'....born way back in 1998.

Cassie Marie was a name I had picked out when I was about 9 or 10 years old myself. I thought it was so cute, and yet pretty too. Marie was my Grandmas name (on my dad's side, and my middle name as well.) I love to have children bare the names of loved ones and family members. What a honor it is for her to bare the name of my "Big Grandma". Marie Cox (Big Grandma) was so FUN, creative, positive, and a blast to be around....just like Cassie.

It's funny whenever I have Cassie alone she starts in when question after question. I was starting to get bothered by this shotgun blast of questions the last time I took her to town with me and said, "Why don't you just talk instead of making me talk!" She looked at me and said, "Well, I already know about me I want to talk about you!" Oh, how sweet! I was good with that. But, I still wanted her to talk! She loves people and loves to know know things. :)
Creative is an understatement! Create, create, create all day long would make her soooo happy, crafts, crafts, crafts!

Our family is BLESSED to have Cassie Marie in our lives!

Cassie-- grow in Him who gives you life everlasting, I love you!!! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uncle Bob

The very first birthday boy to be posted on my new birthday blog is my Uncle Bob.
I have always liked my Uncle Bob (good thing huh?) :) What is impressive to me is his various abilities...he did and does so many things with such excellence. He plays the piano...AMAZING. He has worked and would work any and every job you could think of, to support his sweet family. He is funny, yes...he can come up with one line jokes so fast, and it's really funny. He is so kind to all and to me. Many years ago when Travis and I went to work for him putting up fliers door to door for his tree removal service he made it fun and paid well. He loves his grandkids, they are very blessed to have a grandpa who loves to spend time with them and enjoy them. In the hardest of times, when my wonderful Grandparents passed away he was absolutely amazing in it all. A great comfort to the family, he took on the roll to protect and take charge yet with humility and love. He loves the Lord and it shows in his actions!
Yep, He has been a great Uncle and still is to this day! I do wish we lived closer and my kids could know him better...but we are just going to have to visit each other.
So, happy birthday Uncle Bob...I love you!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome 2009

I have a plan for my "blog life" in 2009. It's this new Birthday Luv Blog! For all my dear friends, family and well...whomever I guess. Here I will be able to have a place to keep all your sweet pictures and luv notes to and about you....all year long. And if you know of a birthday I miss let's get it on...a little help is what I am asking for OK. It's my new plan for 2009. Hope it works out.
God bless you all....and let's have a birthday OK!! :)